Balance Tank & Access Covers

Have you had your balance tank checked and cleaned in the past year? if not your system may start running into problems. By keeping the balance tank clean not only minimises the risk of bacteria forming but also reduces the risk of blocking the suction valve from the tank that can cause unnecessary strain on the pool circulation pumps.


Under PWTAG guidelines all balance tanks should be cleaned at least once per year.
We conduct a Drain down, thorough scrub, wash down and hoover.
A balance clean certificate is then emailed after the balance tank service is complete.


An important part of the balance tank set up is the ball valve or electrical sensors, which tops up the tank via a header tank from the mains water ensuring the water in the Pool/Spa overflows into the transfer channels.


NRV’s are commonly located at the bottom of the suction pipe near the bottom of the tank. This is designed to keep the suction pipe full of water when turning the pumps off for general maintenance.



Many access covers are recessed (tiled). We have found over time this type of cover has been very difficult to open due to corrosion. We offer a toughened anti slip HDPE plastic cover in a range of colours that is durable and access is extremely easy to open for visual and maintenance purposes.

Keeping Your Balance Tanks Circulating

Balance tanks can at times be a forgotten place due to the nature of out of sight out of mind. Our passion is to keep the pool/spa performing at optimum level.

The balance tank mainly consists of a top up valve, a non return valve and the access cover itself.

Over the course of a year debris can build up, lay on the floor and corrode or get trapped into the pipework which can cause major problems with filtration.

Types of Balance Tanks

There are many kinds of swimming pools, ranging from leisure to residential. We can work with any swimming pool facility and work a bespoke contract to keep your pool in great shape.

Underground Balance Tanks

These are often found at one end of the pool/spa.

Above Ground Balance Tanks

These are often found in the plant room on site.

Some Before & After Shots…


Is your Balance tank due a clean?

Balance tanks need cleaning at least once per year.
At Pipeline Leisure Ltd we offer a balance tank clean, inspection of the condition of the tank and mechanical parts inside.

Please call or email a member of our team who will be able to discuss further on 0800 470 11 60 or