Swimming Pool / Spa Leak Detection

Our Commercial Leak Detection team specialise in finding leaks in Commercial properties nationwide, saving businesses thousands of money by finding their leaks. Leaks can cause very high water bills in commercial properties and we have been known to reduce water consumption by half.







Commercial & Residential Leak Detection

Commercial/Residential Leak Detection is a non destructive solution to finding leaks, causing minimal disruption to your business and preventing shutdowns.

Using state of the art acoustic profiling and tracer gas equipment coupled with our engineers technical expertise to locate hidden leaks quickly and accurately, saving both time and money.

We pride ourselves on being ‘The Best in Commercial and Domestic Leak Detection’ in the swimming pool industry and have a 99% success rate in locating leaks.

Pipeline Leisure Ltd have also been involved in carrying out leak detection in residential houses and apartments where we have also found leaks that clients have had issues for years with water loss costing them hundreds of pounds.

What happens after a leak is found?

After we have located a leak, a full leak detection report is compiled with pictures of our readings and areas outlined where we have picked up highest signals together with full explanation of our findings.

If an excavation is necessary we will then ask while on site if you would like Pipeline Leisure Ltd to quote.

As we are very experienced in this field we do recommend for a ‘hassle free’ repair Pipeline Leisure would be best to carry out the excavation/repair as this will then be carried out ‘in house’ saving our customers time and money.

Methods of finding pool leaks

There are a few kinds of swimming pools and spas, ranging from small to large level deck or skimmer. We can work with any swimming pool / spa facility and work a bespoke contract to keep your pool / spa in great shape.

Tracer Gas

The trace gas, a safe mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen, is introduced into the pipe with the suspected leak. The gas, is the lightest in the atmosphere and is made up of of small molecules. The gas will exit at the leak and make its way to the surface where it is detected using gas sensitive detection pobes.


Acoustic profiling uses ground and pipe sensitive microphones to enhance the sound of the leak. This method can help in pinpointing precise leak location.

Have you experienced water loss from your pool/spa?

If you have noticed your Pool/Spa water level has dropped or you’ve noticed utiilty bills are spiralling out of control you may have a leak!
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