Pipeline Leisure Additional Training Programme

Pipeline Leisure Ltd have been involved with a large amount of different plant room equipment and we have broken down elements of a typical plant room to explain in depth how it works and the reasons behind why the equipment is needed.



Some organisations find it useful to be able to refresh their knowledge and up the standard of care for your facility.


Turnover of staff and lack of training immediately can have a profound effect on the health of a pool or spa.


Our standard of training targets all aspects of the plant room to give your staff the foundations of pool care at a high standard.


We can train your staff individually or in groups, as well as at short notice.

Pipeline Leisure Ltd Training introduction

We have found over the years some plant equipment is not suitable for the results trying to be achieved and also found the opposite where equipment installed can be looked as over engineered.

Either way the point of this training session is for you to have a better understanding of your equipment the functionality and the importance of looking after it to minimise expensive issues that may occur due to negligence.

Carrying out our own research based on our own customers a large percentage of staff are PPO trained however they still are in need of more practical assistance and the best way to fast track your understanding is choosing this training with Pipeline Leisure Ltd Pool Service Engineers who not only train but carry out maintenance and repairs daily.

It is always important to remember not only is the pool/spa equipment very expensive to install in the first place but not carrying out routine checks may result in shortening the life of the equipment. 

Training to include:

  • Pool/Spa Circulation
  • Pumps
  • Backwash and Rinse Procedures.
  • Valves and Multiports
  • Chemical testing/dosing
  • Checking/cleaning injectors Dosing Pumps
  • Pump Strainer Baskets
  • Chemical Dosing equipment.
  • Heating, Motorised Valves and Thermostatic control.
  • Motorised Valves and Thermostatic control.
  • UV
  • Common bacterias
  • Common chemicals used in the commercial sectors.
  • Chemical Levels

Are your staff in need of some additional Plant Room Training?

If you are looking for additional plant room training from one of our experienced engineers we will give you the ‘hands on’ training that you need.

For more information and to book a Pipeline Leisure ‘additional training programme’ please call us on 0800 470 11 60 or